Eagle Rock Road Church of Christ

Call For Information: (417) 239-1036

Welcome to the website of the Eagle Rock Road Church of Christ in Branson, Missouri. We are glad you found us. We are a group who recognize only the Bible, a.k.a. "the Word of God," as the divine standard of authority in religion. We do not study, nor do we abide by, any man-made creeds, catechisms, or dogmas. If you are looking for a church that follows only the New Testament pattern in religion, and if you are tired of being fed one doctrine after another that is foreign to God's written teaching, then do come worship with us when vacationing in the Branson area. As well, any of you living in the area are also invited to worship with us.


Bible Class:
9:30 AM
Worship Service:
10:30 AM
Evening Service:
5:00 PM


Bible Class:
6:00 PM