Wade Landry's Swingin' Cajun Style

Wade Benson Landry's Swingin' Cajun Style is an incredible opportunity for family fun and enjoyment during your next trip to Branson. This show is currently one of the most popular of the many acts performing in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World and gives you access to a wide range of musical styles, comedic acts and much more. If you are seeking the best family fun in Branson, Missouri, don't miss Wade Benson Landry and his Cajun fiddle-fest. Wade Benson Landry's Swingin' Cajun Style plays mornings at the God and Country Theater, a wonderful venue that has long prided themselves on providing the best family oriented entertainment in the city. Wade Benson Landry, himself, has spent the last decade performing and living in Branson, and his current show is the pinnacle of his career, highlighting his drive to provide fun, family entertainment combined with the best music possible.