Statler Brothers Revisited

Beautiful harmonies and unforgettable songs brought to you by the Class of ’57 presenting “The Statler Brothers Revisited!” Their smooth, four-part harmonies made the Statler Brothers an American institution, and you can enjoy their incredible music once again, courtesy of an amazing quartet of Branson singers. Harmonizing in the tradition of a gospel quartet, hear memorable songs from the Statler Brothers’ country roots, including Elizabeth, Flowers On The Wall, Do You Remember These, I’ll Go To My Grave Loving You, Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott, and Class of 57. In a brief segment of their show, The Class of ’57 pays tribute to Lester “Road Hog” Moran and his band, the Cadillac Cowboys, famous for their hilarious spoofing of the Statler Brothers. Find the music you’ve been missing when you discover “The Statler Brothers Revisited!”