Pierce Arrow

Branson’s Hottest Show features a cast who brings the audience along with them to enjoy the time of their lives. With Pierce Arrow, talent overflows, from the World’s lowest bass singers according to the Guinness Book of World Records, to masterful harmonies and expert entertainers, these gentlemen truly love what they do and it shows.

Jarrett Dougherty is known as Branson’s funniest comedian and for his many hysterical characters from the Preacher, Brother Cecil Watkins to the crazed Harry Pitts, you never know who might show up. Jarrett Dougherty is the comic spark that sets off explosions of laughter. You will stop, drop, and roll in hysterics.

Desta—Branson’s beautiful ray of sunshine will bring you all the current musical stylings as well as your most beloved country songs. Desta carries with her the grace and composure of any seasoned artist.

Kim Boyce, former Miss Florida with many contemporary gospel hits, lights up the night at the Pierce Arrow Theater. Kim is a beacon of pure talent and grace when she lifts her voice singing in her award-winning style.

Pierce Arrow is family fun for parents and kids of all ages. You’ll laugh like never before...You’ll love the smooth sounds, rock-the-house Gospel, and be stirred by the patriotic medleys...You’ll love the Pierce Arrow Show!