Brady Brunch with Barry Williams

Yakov Smirnoff is proud to announce that in August, The Brady Bunch star Barry Williams is set to debut his live production, Brady Brunch. The multitalented Williams will perform a limited engagement, August 2nd to the 14th at Yakov's Branson Theatre. This one-man show, with a live band, has been created specifically for the Branson stage to showcase Williams' versatility as an entertainer. This unique production will take you down memory lane with an intimate portrait of Williams' life and a montage of the Brady Bunch phenomenon. Williams' incredible showma nship and seemingly endless talent has given him enormous success as an actor and performer. Now, he's bringing that talent to Branson.

If the show weren't enough, your experience will be topped with a gourmet brunch served to you on a golden platter with linen napkins, real silverware, prepared for you by Yakov Smirnoff's personal chef.

The iconic actor recently received rave reviews as Oscar in The Odd Couple at the Alhambra Theatre in Jacksonville, FL. His eight week run at The New Theatre near Kansas City in Married Alive in 2008 and The Church Basement Ladies in 2009 were critically acclaimed. Williams has performed in over 75 different theater productions including on Broadway. His book Growing Up Brady, a New York Times bestseller, is about his experiences on the show and was made into an NBC movie. On September 25th Williams will return for his 4th year hosting Sole Survivor, a game show at The Prairie Band Casino.