Stone Hill Winery

Newcomers to Branson may be surprised to find Missouri's oldest and most awarded winery as one of the town's most popular attractions. With 12,000 square feet of space, Stone Hill Winery's Branson location has been receiving and entertaining visitors since 1986. The winery, located at the junction of Highway 165 and Green Mountain Drive (just two blocks south of Business 76), delights thousands of tourists daily with a free, fun-filled hour of touring. Tasting Stone Hill's many award-winning wines completes the experience.

Visitors are guided through the huge winery complex where they witness the step-by-step winemaking process. First, a short film is presented, which depicts the proud tradition of Missouri winemaking and focuses on the vineyards and cellars of the winery's main headquarters in Hermann, Missouri. Next, guests are invited to soak in the delightful aromas of maturing Sherry, which is first baked and then aged in oak casks. Guests are then invited to watch the actual bottling process of Stone Hill's famous Spumante wines.

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