Ghost & Haunt Tours of Branson

Step into the world of the unknown with the Ghost & Haunt Tour of Branson for a hair-raising ninety-minute tour into the spirit realm of this great Missouri city.

Join us on a leisurely stroll and search along the shadowy streets of the historic downtown area of Branson to hear stories of the strange and unexplained. Hear about the bank robber that was captured and shot in a sting operation at the Branson train depot and how he still haunts it to this day. Come and visit the area’s cemetery and listen to the tales of how some of the residents there still remain waiting to make it to the other side. Visit a haunted movie theater and a number of area businesses that still conceal a dark and mysterious past, all-waiting just for you and yours to come a calling. Visit the lake where steamboats plied their trade and hear the legend of the Cock-of-the-Walk, who still lauds it over the crew on many a star lit night. Come experience a possible cold chill, a whisper in your ear or a touch on your shoulder only to realize that no one is present to cause them, AND SO MUCH MORE!

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