Branson Ballknocker

It is simply the most awesome sport to hit the United States in decades.

What is it? The Branson Ballknocker is a 12 Foot tall round clear ball with a 6 foot inner chamber where either one, two or three people may ride. There is a 3 Foot cushion of air in between the outer and inner chamber.

How do I ride? You can ride the Branson Ballknocker 2 different ways. You can ride it by yourself or with a friend and be harnessed into the inner chamber. You get the sensation of rolling down the hill in the big tractor tire that we all did when we were kids. Sky, Ground, Sky, Ground, Sky, Ground.

Then if you choose you can ride with up to two other friends and ride the Branson Wet Ballknocker, this is up to 3 people riding unharnessed with up to 5 gallons of water. This turns into the most awesome water ride of your life. You will be loaded into the balls a top a hill and pushed off a launching pad to a 550 foot run.

Be prepared for the time of your life, and be assured, “No one can ride it just once.”

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